Tasting Tuscany

Country Cooking Holidays in Tuscany

A Taste of Italy

Italy is famous for delicious cuisine made with super fresh ingredients grown under the wonderful Italian sun. This gives the wonderfully recognisable taste of Italy. Join Tasting Tuscany’s country cooking holidays in Tuscany where you can learn traditional farmhouse Italian country cooking in a modern and traditional kitchen.  You will be taught using cooking methods and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and of course very fresh wholesome ingredients.

Our courses are held in an exceptionally beautiful area of rural Italy where both eating and cooking is very important.  You only have to walk through the local town centre and you will hear conversations about where you can or can’t “mangare bene” translated as eat well. The local people here are very traditional and the way of life in the country has not changed for generations.

Foraging has always been part of the Italian way of cooking and the cuisine has always been and still is, very seasonal. Depending on the season, you will go into the fields and be shown how to find and use mushrooms, porcini, herbs, leaves and fruit in your culinary creations.

You will make pizza and bread using delicious wholemeal flour milled from the  grain grown in the adjacent fields and you will cook them in a traditional wood burning oven. Using this flour, you will also learn how to make mouthwatering home made pasta or “pasta fatta in casa”.

Polenta flour is also milled from the home grown corn here. You will make polenta from this flour and find out the different and tasty ways to cook and serve it. It’s more versatile than you think.

Non Participants

Non cooking partners are very much welcome here at Tasting Tuscany. Apart from enjoying the culinary creations, we can arrange activities which you can see by clicking the “Non Participants” link above.