Tasting Tuscany


Italy has a very natural approach to caring for the land.

There are an abundance of wild flowers and plants growing here which in turn attract wonderful bees and beautiful butterflies.

You will see which seasonal plants and ingredients are available and how they are used for a particular time of year.

During your week at Tasting Tuscany, you will be taken into the meadows nearby to forage for wild leaves and roots which you will then use to make a delicious minestra di verdure con erbi di campo. This is cooked very slowly on a wood burning stove.

Depending on the season, you will be able to go out and forage for seasonal ingredients which could include porcini mushrooms and you will learn how they are used and dried for future use.

You may be lucky enough to come when berries and fruits are ready for picking and you will be shown how the fruits can be preserved and made into licqeurs which can also be served as tasty deserts.

Chestnuts drop from the trees here in autumn and they formed a very important part in the local diet in times gone by. The chestnuts are prepared in a variety of ways and they can be milled into flour and made into many delicious dishes including pasta.