Barga Chocolate Festival 2017

Barga Annual Celebration of Chocolate

Barga Cioccolata

Every year, Barga hosts their annual chocolate festival.  It has to be every chocoholics dream event with a host of dark, milk, white, nutty, fruity chocolate treats. You can eat it or drink it at one of the many stalls set up around Barga Vecchia.

Most of the chocolate on offer is handmade and whilst it doesn’t come cheap, it is an experience. You can buy a bag of your own selected chocolates for around 5€.

On the healthier side, we should remember that chocolate is in fact a great antioxidant and it may even reduce bad cholesterol and also help with cardiovascular disease.

Of course it is the good quality chocolate of over 70% that can do this and moderation is the key.

If chocolate can’t entice you to go to this event, there are also some stalls selling Christmas gift ideas. If this is all too much, just relax and sip at a delicious vin brulè, guaranteed to warm you up on a cold December day.

Ths year the Barga chocolate festival is running from 8 to 10 December in Barga